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Cathedral Medical Group
Cawley Road, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1XT

Telephone: 01243 813 450
click here for Aesthetics or Tel: 01243 813457

Email: cathedralmedical@nhs.net


Shielding Letters 1.4.2020 ( posted on Apr 1, 2020 )

Dear Patient


We are aware that messages have been circulating that GP surgeries were to have contacted a cohort of high risk vulnerable patients with advice regarding coronavirus isolation by the end of March.


The situation is that NHS England have written directly to some patients identified as high risk but they are aware that they did not capture everyone due to limitations of centrally held data from NHS Digital.  NHS Digital are updating their information as a matter of urgency and when we receive the data we will be sending out letters in first class post.  We have been told to expect the data by the middle of the week of 6th April so we would hope that affected patients have a letter by the end of that week.


We are aware that some patients are waiting for the letter for a variety of reasons, however GP surgeries have been instructed not to send out any other information in the meantime and so we are sorry that we are unable to help in this regard.


As we are all doing, please practice self-isolation and we all hope we will be through this soon.


Changes to how we look after you ( posted on Mar 17, 2020 )

We have been advised to scale back the amount of "routine work" that can be classed as non essential in order to prepare for increases of coronavirus and to give Gp time to prepare for how we manage our workload over the coming weeks and months, when we are expecting and planning for staff shortages both clinical and non clinical. Our intention is to keep the surgery running as smoothly as we can.


You may be contacted if you have a face to face appointment and advised that this will now be a telephone appointment. If the Gp decides that a face to face appointment is necessary to make an appropriate and safe clinical decision, then they will invite you into surgery. 




We will be booking on the day only as much as we can, with limited exceptions. Most of our appointments wherever possible will be telephone appointments, unless we need to undertake a procedure - i.e. give an injection, dress a wound. You may be triaged by nurses, or Gps depending on the type of appointment requested. 


However, please accept and support our staff if you phone to book your usual annual review, or routine bloods and you are requested to call back in a few weeks time as the service has been suspended, they are simply following the Partners instructions.


For admin matters, i.e. change of address, please use our email address. please post Rx scripts through our letter box.


The surgery has a coronavirus planning group and each decision about a suspension of service has not been taken lightly and has been discussed with regard to the clinical risk and appropriateness of suspending the service.


Many services will continue as normal, or with adaptations  - our wish is to keep the surgery as uncrowded as possible, to keep you the patient as safe as we can and to protect our front line staff.


Thank you for your continuing support. We will continue to update the website as and when we make any changes.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) ( posted on Mar 16, 2020 )


Please follow the gudiance as issued by our givernement on all aspects of coronavirus.


Do not come down to the surgery





On-line booking appointments ( posted on Jun 26, 2019 )

From 1st July we will be increasing our availability of appointments that you can book on line to 25% 

These will be with a variety of clinicians, and will include all members of the core Practice team - Doctor, Nurse and health care assistants. Please see "online services"  for full details


There will be clear messages on the front screen of systemOne on line and then when you book to assist you into the correct slot for the appointment type that you need.


Please take time to read "online service"  messages and ensure you follow the information given, as booking into the wrong slot when clear information is available for the criteria for that appointment will not result in your appointment being changed when you turn up at the Practice. You will need to re-book.


If you would like to register to book on line, see our front screen and follow the links or contact reception.

MJOG messaging ( posted on Mar 21, 2019 )

We have a new SMS service called MJOG which allows you to respond in a limited way to text messages that we send out. For example, when you get a reminder about your appointment, you can respond to that message and cancel your appointment with one word. 


We can also invite you for flu clinics or update your smoking status. All because the SMS gives you instructions to follow to text back to us certain words that will let us know for example:- whether you smoke, or tell us that you don't want a flu jab. We then won't keep asking the same question as we are duty bound to, if you have responded as asked. 


So please, make sure we have your mobile number, it could really help the surgery work more efficiently and hopefully reduce our "patient did not attend"  rate  - those wasted appointments that could have gone to someone else.

( posted on Oct 15, 2018 )

We are improving access to appointments

From 01 October, GP and nurse appointments are now available during the evening and at the weekend for people across Coastal West Sussex.

This means that urgent appointments are available up to 8pm during the week, and during clinics on a Saturday and Sunday.

This aims to improve access to GP appointments and help local people to get the help and support they need.

The service is run by Innovations in Primary Care (IPC), a not-for-profit company owned by local GP practices.

The appointments will be available at local GP access hubs, run from GP surgeries, and they will be both routine and urgent appointments with a doctor, nurse or healthcare professional.

The teams will see new illnesses when you urgently need to see a health professional, and offer planned appointments such as family planning and smear tests that can be hard to arrange whilst at work or when you are caring for family or a loved one.

IPC has been running the MIAMI clinics in Adur and Worthing for the last three years, which has offered a very similar service, offering help for ‘Minor Injury Assessment & Minor Illnesses’.

These clinics have been successful and helped local people to access the help they need outside of normal opening times.

We hope that this roll out of the hubs across the whole of Coastal West Sussex will mean that all patients registered with a GP practice in our area can benefit.

You book into the GP access hubs via your normal GP practice, and you may be offered an appointment at one of the hubs at the weekend if you call NHS 111 for urgent health advice and support.

The hubs may be at your GP practice or they may be at a neighbouring GP practice locally in the community around you.

The teams will have access to your medical records with your consent, and any care they provide will be added to your notes so your GP practice can continue any ongoing care.

Patients can book into these appointments by calling your registered GP practice in the normal way, and they will be able to access the booking system and make sure you receive the help and support you need.

Access to your GP Medical Records ( posted on Apr 16, 2018 )


Access to your GP Medical Record

Our Medical Record Computer System is set-up so that if you receive medical care from one of the organisations below, they can, with your explicit permission, gain access to your GP Medical Record, thus helping them in their care of you.


Community Nursing Team

Onecall & Echo

St Wilfrid’s Hospice

GP Extended Access

The nurses and other health professionals who work in the community and visit patients at their home

The team who coordinate Urgent Care and End of Life Care in the community

The team who Provide Tailored End of Life Care in the Community & at their Chichester Hospice

The new Minor Injury & Minor Illness clinics providing additional GP Appointments


These teams will not be able to access your medical record if you have not been registered with them to receive their services.  They will also ask for your Explicit Consent to view your GP Medical Record when they first see or speak to you.  If you say no, they will not access your record.


If you do not want one or more of these organisations to have this ability, please ask for a Sharing Dissent form from Reception.  Please make such a decision carefully as it will mean that even if you subsequently gave them explicit consent, they would not be able to access your record until they have spoken to the Surgery.  This would be delayed overnight and at weekends when the surgery is closed and potentially when they need such access the most.

There is a shortage of Hepatitis A. ( posted on Mar 16, 2018 )

If you have had a Hepatitis A vaccination and are due a booster, we are only giving these at 5 years as they are now known to cover you until then.

Accessible Information Standard ( posted on Mar 14, 2018 )

The Standard sets out a specific, consistent approach to identifying, recording, flagging, sharing and meeting the information and communication support needs of patients, service users, carers and parents with a disability, impairment or sensory loss.


Overview of the Standard

NHS England have produced a short summary document which provides an overview of the Standard for patients, service users, carers and parents.


Click on this link to see the summary document This is available in a range of formats.


We strive to record any accessible information to support our patients in a variety of ways, but please contact us if you have a need under this standard that may not be obvious to us. 

Self care Newsletter ( posted on Oct 16, 2017 )

Please see Alternative to seeing a Gp for lots of useful information, as well as the Chichester Alliance of Practices - CHamp  - newsletter about self care.

Elecronic Prescription Service (EPS) ( posted on Aug 14, 2017 )

Electronic Prescription Service

Once you have signed up to electronic prescription service, your medication can  be collected directly from your chosen pharmacy without having to pick the prescription up from the surgery first. Controlled medication still requires a physical prescription - but this does not stop other medication going to your chosen pharmacy. Please contact your local pharmacy or ask at reception.


CQC Updated report June 2017 ( posted on Jul 4, 2017 )

We have received our updated report, having undertaken the three things they wished us to address as required.


Fridge locks

DRB checks on two staff

Scripts in dispensary signed before medication issued to patients


Cathedral Medical Group were also keen to highlight the implementation of other suggested areas that we believed we could improve on. CQC were very pleased that we are always striving to improve the service and procedures we have in place to deliver the best patient care. 


Report in documents

Mobile Numbers ( posted on May 17, 2017 )

Please remember to update us about any changes to your telephone numbers

Sharing home readings of B/Ps ( posted on Nov 26, 2013 )

If you have been advised to undertake home readings of your Blood pressure, please do remember to share these with us, by email or by letter every six months. Thanks.

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