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Cathedral Medical Group
Cawley Road, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1XT

Telephone: 01243 813 450
click here for Aesthetics or Tel: 01243 813457

Email: cathedralmedical@nhs.net


Our Practice Charter


Our practice endeavours to provide the best possible standards of service to our patients.  We will deal with the health needs of all our patients to the best of our clinical abilities.

This Charter describes the standards of service that patients may expect of us and how they can contribute themselves to help us maintain those standards.

Full details of Cathedral Medical Group’s s range of services, facilities and staff, and the arrangements for appointments and any other contact are included on this website.


Our Commitment To You: 

What We Ask Of You:

To be honest with our patients at all times.

To trust what we say.

To be polite to our patients at all times.

To avoid aggressive or threatening behaviour when dealing with our staff.

To see all urgent cases on the same day.

Patients with urgent medical conditions will be given priority.

To understand that a doctor attending an emergency will consequently run considerably late for the remainder of the working day.

To be as punctual as we can be, seeing patients by appointment when so arranged.  If there is ever likely to be a delay, patients will be informed and offered another appointment.

To understand that there are no appointment systems available that can predict exactly how long each doctor needs to spend with each patient.  Please bring only one problem to your doctor or nurse per appointment.

To enable patients to see the doctor of their choice for routine appointments, wherever possible.

To understand that an appointment time that suits both doctor and patient may mean waiting several days. Doctors also take holidays and are absent for training purposes.

To visit patients at home when they are too ill or frail to attend a surgery.  Visits are usually done after morning surgeries are completed, unless the need is a medical emergency.

To make requests for home visits by 10.00 hours.  This will enable us to ensure the most efficient use of time during the day is allocated.

To make available repeat prescriptions within two working days.  We will need to review patients periodically before renewing their repeat prescriptions.

To deposit repeat prescription requests at the Medical Centre in good time. 

To train doctors to become General Practitioners, to teach medical and nursing students, and to stay up-to-date in modern techniques and gain new knowledge.

To understand that all training of doctors and students is closely supervised and that no one is ever expected to do more than they are qualified and competent to do.  Your help by accepting trainee staff as members of our team and by seeing them is greatly appreciated, but we will always respect your right not to participate in any medical teaching.

To use hospital and other medical services correctly and appropriately so that resources are used efficiently and not wasted.  You have a choice as to who carries out your secondary care treatment.

Our secretaries are available to help you if you find it difficult to book your appointment. Please attend your appointment when booked or cancel in good time.

To take appropriate action upon the receipt of test results, investigations and hospital reports. The doctor or nurse will contact you about any abnormal results.

If you have not heard from us, but wish to be reassured of the result, please telephone us on 0844 477 8707 after 13.00 hrs, allowing usually two weeks for them to come in. 

To take note of and consider, any complaints or suggestions for improvement, and to implement  change(s), if appropriate.

Do not be shy in making suggestions to any of our staff for improvements.  However, please understand that a suggestion that suits one person may not be of benefit to the Practice as a whole.  Formal complaint procedures are in place.  Should you wish to make a complaint, please contact the Practice Manager in the first instance.

To seek patient views on developments to services within the practice.

Be prepared to answer questions and respond to questionnaires please.

To provide up-to-date services in a changing NHS.

Acknowledge that provision of primary health care is now performed by a team, rather than by a single GP with whom there is an exclusive long-term relationship.


It is our aim to ensure that the systems in place will run smoothly and efficiently to suit the needs of our patients.  To do this we will plan and manage the services available to the best of our ability while allowing change to develop the practice.  We ask that you are patient and remember that it may be necessary to take more time and energy to implement change than is first thought necessary.  The effort and training required is quite separate to that needed when providing clinical care.

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