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The Cardiac Clinic is for anyone who has had a heart problem (e.g. has had a heart attack, surgery or has angina) or blood pressure problem. The aim is to prevent any further complications from the condition. Patients are invited to attend a six-monthly or annual check-up as appropriate. We monitor weight, cholesterol levels and blood pressure along with other factors such as exercise, smoking and alcohol intake.

The clinic is also an opportunity to assess people who have borderline blood pressures to help make the decision as to whether they should take any medication. Patients taking medication will usually have their blood pressure measured six-monthly along with the annual check. Ample opportunity is given to discuss medication.

If appropriate, we will send written invitations to patients to attend a six-monthly or annual check-up. If, for any reason, you are unable to attend an appointment we would very much appreciate you contacting the surgery to cancel or re-arrange the appointment. Other patients may benefit from the released appointment.

 See the British Heart Foundation website by clicking this link.