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Cathedral Medical Group is looking to become a Dementia Friendly Practice.

We are registered with Dementia Friends and are starting our journey to becoming a dementia friendly practice. To do this we must comply with the Alzheimer’s Society recognition process for dementia-friendly communities. These are:-

  • Making sure we have the right structure in place to maintain a sustainable dementia-friendly Practice
  • Identifying a person to take responsibility for driving forward the work to support the practice to become dementia-friendly
  • Having a plan in place to raise awareness about dementia in the surgery that support people with dementia
  • Developing a strong voice for people with dementia at the Practice
  • Raising the profile of the work to increase reach and awareness to different groups at the practice and in the community.
  • Focusing plans on a number of key areas that we have identified at the practice
  • Having in place a plan or system to update the progress of our plans to our patients.
  • Once we have demonstrated how we have met criteria, we can be issued with a symbol which we can display.

We will provide information through links on our website, and in the waiting room that raises awareness of dementia and also supports people in Chichester living with dementia and their families and friends:

  • Alzheimer’s Society
  • Carers UK
  • Dementia UK
  • Dementia Friends
  • Alzheimer’s Society Living with Dementia publications